Swimming Schedule

Scout Swimming courses beginning January 2019

Below is general information about the swim courses - to see the latest course being held scroll down to letters and forms.

Learn to swim

We have split this course into two levels, Beginners and Improvers.  Beginners is intended for those unable to swim one length (25m of the Graves Pool) and based on levels 1 to 4 of the ASA learn to swim awards.  The Improver course is for those able to swim a length, but who need to improve the quality of their strokes, their stamina and confidence to work in deep water.  The Improver course will be working towards achieving the Scout Swimmer badge Stage 2.  See the attachment for the levels of the Scout Swimmer badge.  For details of the Swim England scheme see: http://www.swimming.org/learntoswim/asa-learn-to-swim-awards-1-7/

Places will be limited so please make sure to apply early to ensure a place.  Pupils who have attended previous courses will get priority, but please apply by Wednesday 21st November.

We will make a judgement as to which course to place your child in; this can be amended if you disagree.

Whilst the courses are open to all Beavers of 6 years and older, I would stress that the course does finish rather late for young children.

Swim England Challenge Awards (Previously ASA Challenge)

Challenge 1&2, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Honours)


The Challenge awards are for children who can swim, but who need to improve the quality of their strokes and stamina.  Your children will be challenged to develop a wide range of skills and stamina in order to achieve the awards, with a focus on good stroke style. Strokes do not have to comply with ASA law, but strokes must be coordinated, smooth and efficient.  If your child has achieved any levels of the Challenge Awards elsewhere please let us know when you apply, so we can place them in a suitable group. 

The Level 1 and 2 Challenge Awards have been discontinued so we cannot offer a badge, but we do produce our own certificates. 

Full details of ail the courses are given on the attached forms which should be completed and returned to the contact named on the forms.  There is no need to print the forms, just complete them, and return to Barrie Hocking by email to reserve a place.  You can then pay on the first night.

We are finding that our courses are becoming oversubscribed, so to avoid disappointment, please contact me to join the course, preferably by completing the form letter and returning by email.  If you find this difficult, please either send the required details by email or failing that phone me with the details, I am in most evenings.

We will keep places open for those who have taken part in previous courses until Wednesday 21st November, after that date we will add new starters to the list until we reach capacity.  If you know that your child will not be continuing with the course please let us know so we can give the place to someone else.

Sheffield Children’s University


May I also take this opportunity to remind our swimmers that Sheaf District Scout swimming is a ‘Learning Destination’ with the Sheffield Children’s University and credits can be earned by taking part in our courses?  If you are already a member please let us know and if you are not have a word with us on a Sunday evening or take a look at the Children’ University web site: http://www.childrensuniversity.co.uk/home/work-with-us/local-cus/sheffield-childrens-university/home/

Letters & Forms:

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Forthcoming Swim Course Flyer

SGH Challenge 2018 Form

Beginners Swimming Courses 2018 Form

Improvers Swimming Courses 2018 Form

Scouts Swimmer Badge Requirements

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