Next few weeks

18.6.19: Walk. Please see previous post for drop off and collection point plus other info.

25.6.19: At the hut. Follow Programme. Full uniform.

2.7.19: Meeting/finishing at the hut. Phones needed for activity. Full uniform.

Summer camp forms and money deadline is 13th July 2019. Make cheques payable to 74th Oak Street Scout Group. Thanks!

Gradbach Summer Camp 2019

Now see the consent letter for our summer camp! You will find it under Scout Parent Resources - Consent Letters. Please download, print off, fill it in and bring to Scouts to hand to Lucy.

Everyone is welcome! This will be mine and Bens last camp with you all so lets make it a good’n :)

If the full week doesn’t fit please talk to Lucy and see what we can do for you to be able to come along for a few days :)

Please also see post below with details for this Tues.

Continuation of Environmental Conservation Badge and Gradbach Summer Camp!

This week we are at the hut continuing the EC badge. Please have warm layers and some gardening gloves. Full uniform is still to be worn.

Additionally, please see the Pre-letter for Gradbach Summer Camp under Scout Parent Resources. We are not asking for Health forms yet so no need to print off unless you would like a paper copy. I only need you to text me confirming attendance and dietery requirements after reading the information.

Environmental Conservation Activity Badge and Freezer Camp

For the next 2 weeks we will be starting the environmental conservation activity badge. This will be held down at the hut. We will be discussing what environmental issues concern us in our community, such as wildlife areas. Full uniform to be worn.

Freezer camp 2019 is held this year on 22nd to the 24th Feb. If interested please download the letter and rifle shooting permission form from Scout Parent Resources.

New Year, New Scouts

Nah, only joking. Up to the same old scouty stuff. At the hut this week to play spotlight - full uniform.

Additionally please see:

  • Swimming for the new swimming opportunities

  • Consent letters (in Scout Parent Resources) for a fantastic mountaineering course IMC for those scouts that are 12 years plus.

  • This year's indoor cooking competition is on Sat 26th Jan 10.30am until 2pm. I am working that day so am unable to support so if any parent wishes to help out or if you are an interested scout please come talk to me this Tuesday.

  • Freezer camp ! ! 22nd to the 24th Feb. The letter will be coming out soon.

  • And don’t forget about the summer camp coming up (roughly) 26th to 2nd July.

This Tuesday

Apologies but we will not be going out to the cinema this Tuesday due to so much going on i have not had the time to organise it. Suggesting we go to the cinema for our Christmas do. We’ll discuss it this Tues.

This Tuesday we’ll be at the hut - 7pm until 9pm - full uniform to be worn. Hopefully we will still be watching some sort of film so bring snacks. I will be putting a few pizzas in the oven for us to share too.

Nighthike consent letters and money deadline this Tuesday (unless you have text me that you are bringing them down with you Saturday).

If you are coming this weekend you will need to bring your sleeping kit with you to the hut this Tuesday.

I will be putting a sponsership form onto the website (in consent letters) for you to pront off so you can start gathering sponsor money. The money can be collected and brought to me the next Tuesday 27th with your spomsership form etc.