This Tuesday

Apologies but we will not be going out to the cinema this Tuesday due to so much going on i have not had the time to organise it. Suggesting we go to the cinema for our Christmas do. We’ll discuss it this Tues.

This Tuesday we’ll be at the hut - 7pm until 9pm - full uniform to be worn. Hopefully we will still be watching some sort of film so bring snacks. I will be putting a few pizzas in the oven for us to share too.

Nighthike consent letters and money deadline this Tuesday (unless you have text me that you are bringing them down with you Saturday).

If you are coming this weekend you will need to bring your sleeping kit with you to the hut this Tuesday.

I will be putting a sponsership form onto the website (in consent letters) for you to pront off so you can start gathering sponsor money. The money can be collected and brought to me the next Tuesday 27th with your spomsership form etc.