Bats & Moths

The kids are broken into two groups; Bats and Moths.  The ratio should be about five moths per bat.

The bats are blindfolded so that they can't see.

The moths have their legs tied together so that they can't walk, they have to jump around.  Note: If you decide to use tape, consider taping over the top of a piece of paper so that you don't damage skin or clothes.

The bats have to hunt the moths by sound, which shouldn't be too hard since the moths have to jump. If a bat touches a moth, it's considered "caught".

The last moths caught get to be bats next time.


  • You could do it in teams, ie: the first bat to catch 5 moths is the winner.

Ankle Grasp

Kids are paired off and have to walk around in a squatting position with both hands on their ankles.

They need to attempt to bump each other over.

You lose if you 

  • Fall over

  • Let go of either of your ankles

You can have several rounds with winners playing winners and losers playing losers.


You could have a free-for-all competition with only one winner.

You could divide the group into two teams or four packs and have them attempt to co-operate as a group.

Clean Your Room

Required items: a sheet/tarp hanging to divide the room, about cub head height, and a pile of clothing or other soft items.

Divide the kids in to two teams, one of either side of the divide. Randomly throw half the clothing on either team floor. The aim is to get your "room" clean by throwing items over the wall into the other team's room. Each kid can only pick up and throw ONE item at a time. Winners are the first to get their room clean.

Captain's Coming

All kids line up in front of the leader who calls terminology for their actions, as follows...
Captains coming - all run back to the centerline and salute to the Leader calling out 'Aye Aye Cap'ain' (Scout salute of course)

  • Port , Starboard, Bow and Stern - all kids run to the relevant place relative to the leader, who is at the Bow.

  • Scrub the deck - onto hands and knees and make scrubbing motion.

  • Cannon Ball - duck down to avoid the shot.

  • Submarine - lie on back with one leg up as a periscope.

  • Stormy waters - wave and sway with the 'effect' of rough seas.

  • Climb the rigging - make motions of climbing a ladder.

  • Crows nest - on the lookout, with Telescope or hand over eyebrows.